La maison Janisson est installée à Verzenay, village classé Grand Cru au coeur de la Montagne de Reims, sur l’un des terroirs les plus prestigieux de Champagne.
A sa tête, Manuel Janisson fait prospérer la tradition viticole de Janisson, en l’inscrivant dans une dimension contemporaine et internationale.
Héritier d’une tradition familiale transmise par quatre générations de vignerons, Manuel Janisson cultive un vignoble de neuf hectares ancré dans la grande montagne de Reims reconnu pour le caractère inimitable de ses pinots noirs.Grâce à ces vignes extraordinaires, il élabore des cuvées d’une grande finesse, à la complexité et à l’élégance rares.
A l’image de l’architecture novatrice de son siège, Janisson entend désormais affirmer sa qualité d’excellence et son style singulier, fusion entre tradition et modernité, design et authenticité.

The Janisson house is located in Verzenay, classified Grand Cru village in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, on one of the most prestigious terroirs of Champagne.
At its head, Manuel Janisson makes the winegrowing tradition of Janisson prosper, inscribing it in a contemporary and international dimension.

Descending from a long line of wine-makers, Manuel Janisson is forward- thinking and resolutely passionate about developing and enriching the family tradition.
In 2014, with the help of architect Giovanni Pace, he based his Champagne House in a sleek, modern cellar ; reflecting the style of his new cuvées.
The state of the art winery ensures that new technology is put to good use to get the very best from what nature provides. Manuel Janisson skillfully combines tradition and modernity



The purity of the flask, in special bottles, indicates the identity of the House and evoks of refined curves, complex aromas revealed in a delicate light harmony.
To reveal its range of high-end champagnes, Janisson presents its cuvees in special bottles, a bottle that Manuel Janisson has designed himself. On the curve of the bottles, only the colors of the labels distinguish the “crus”: the emblematic plum’s label for the Brut Tradition composed mainly of Pinot Noir, brown as the corten steel of the house Janisson for Blanc de Noirs, white for Brut Nature …
Just like this simplicity, the seven cuvées of Janisson’s range unveil their personality

The cellars of Champagne Janisson, a unique place in Verzenay
where modernity is the heritage of a tradition passed from generation to another.

So many terroirs, so many Crus, with which Manuel Janisson composes his assemblages.
From this passion are born exceptional wines named simply “Nature”, “Tradition” or “Grand Cru” to give pride to the character of champagne.


In the middle of Grand Cru Verzenay terroir, the headquarters of Janisson doesn’t go unnoticed ! This vessel, minimalist and elegant, wascreated by Giovanni Pace, with a 360° view on the vineyard, distinguished by its “avant-gardiste” design .
Placed as a signature, this modern vessel floating on a sea of ancestral vines, tells in its own way the Janisson spirit. Pure lines, combinations of cubes and light …
The building expresses a specific design of champagne, where the blend of basic wines, simple and neat, produce complex, straight cuvées, all in length and sharpness.
This quest for purity is found in the “J” symbolizing the house, which can be seen in different ways, such as an initial, a nose or the representation of a carafe.
The creativity of Janisson is present, from the architecture of the building, mixing concrete and corten steel, to the interior decoration, elegant and sleek. Surrounded by huge bay windows, each room offers a breathtaking panorama of the vineyard, the mill and the famous lighthouse of the village of Verzenay.
In some of them, works by artists remind us of the weightless structure of the place and the lightness of the champagne, like the “Lacrima” by Didier Tisseyre, colored crystal suspensions in the form of drops of wine.


Janisson’s family based in Verzenay, have cultivated grapevines for over half a century. Manuel Janisson’ s grand father, Robert Arnould, was the first winemaker to create his own trade-business in 1923.
Throughout his youth Manuel Janisson, representative of the fifth generation, helpes his parents with vine growing and learnt the “know how” in the vineyards, going on to complete his training with a degree in viticulture-oenology in Avize.
At 18 years old, he left for California and worked for two months in a winery. Always curious and fond of challenges he experienced at 20 the brokerage then at 25 into the business of wine, when he was still working on the family’s business.
Thanks to his various experiences, Manuel Janisson learn every steps of this job, from the production to the selling, and from the supply to the vinification.
Then in 1996 he created his own winery in the heart of Verzenay and launched his House of Champagne. Ten years later, to celebrate his 2006 vintage, he styled his first special bottle and went on to build an impressive winery, designed by his friend Giovanni Pace, a well-known architect.
Echoing this minimalist and clean building, each cuvée of the range was proposed in a special bottles with this refined flacon, Janisson eventually found the perfect setting to embellish his best terroirs.
The story is just begining…

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